Herconomy formerly AGS Tribe

This year, we bring a two-fold event your way:

The Herconomy Conference

The theme for this year is ‘Action to Impact: Creating Inclusive Pathways for Women’.

The first part of the event which is the conference brings together stakeholders to discuss issues that affect women and how they can be solved.

Awards and Gala Night

The awards and Gala Night is to celebrate women and the amazing strides they make and continue to make in their respective endevours. This is the part of the event where guests get to let their hair down and have a great time with lots to eat and drink!
There’ll be opportunities for guests to network, win amazing prizes from a raffle draw, have speed dates with their favourite influencers/celebrities, and of course, celebrate women.

One of the major highlights of the event will be the announcement of the winners of the Herconomy
Enterprise Challenge and awarding women of impact in 2021.

The Herconomy Enterprise Challenge is a program designed to
provide grants and other business support services to female-led entrepreneurs to grow and scale their
businesses. Since its launch, six (6) female entrepreneurs have received grants through our pitch
competition with many other women empowered with resources to scale their businesses.



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