Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

  • How does vault withdrawal work?

    There are 4 free set withdrawal days which are quarterly fixed and 1 adjustable withdrawal day.

    If you decide to set your own adjustable withdrawal date, the next available FREE date will be exactly 3 months from your last free withdrawal day.Ps: Any withdrawal made outside these 5 days will attract a 2% breaking fee of the withdrawal amount.

  • Can I transfer from my Vault wallet to another Vault wallet?

    No, you can’t. A transfer is only available between two float wallets.

  •  How does the Add Funds option work?

    This option basically enables you to add more funds to your savings. For example, if you miss a day or two of your savings, you can use the “Add funds” option to deposit any amount at once. This is to ensure you meet your savings target.

  • What if I miss some days, weeks, or months?

    Your account won’t be automatically debited if you missed any day, week or month and you won’t be charged either. The “Add funds” option is always available for you to manually make up for any lost day, week, or month.

  • Can I pause and continue saving anytime?

    Yes, you can pause and continue the automatic saving at any time. Simply log in to your account, go to your Vault and then select "Turn off ".

  • Can I increase my savings at any time?

    Yes, you can increase the amount you're saving at any time. Simply log in and click on ‘Easy- save settings', then edit the amount. You can also edit your frequency to either daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Do I have to log in every time I want to save?

    No, everything is done automatically once you have added your debit card to the app and set up your “Easy-save”, except if you want to top up your savings using the “Add funds” option.

    You will also get an email receipt every single time you get debited to your Easy-save(vault) and your bank will send you an alert as well.

  • What is Vault?

    Vault is a feature that helps you build financial discipline by allowing you to automatically save any amount daily, weekly, +or monthly. You also have the option to save manually.

    Vault helps you reach your financial goals with ease. With 10% interest p.a., daily interest, and automatic savings options, you’ll be on your way to financial freedom in no time.

  • Can I transfer outside of Herconomy?

    Not at the moment. We’re constantly working to add new features to our apps

  • How can I carry out a float-to-float transfer?

    Simply click on "transfers" and then select the “make a transfer” option, input the recipient’s phone number and click on Proceed to transfer funds to another Herconomy saver.

  • How do I fund my Float wallet?

    To fund your Float wallet, simply click on “Account number” to get your unique Float account number. Once this is done, log into your banking app, input this account number in the required field, and proceed with a transfer.

  • Can I Withdraw to any Bank Account?

    No, you can't!

    You can only withdraw to your bank account. This must be the same name as your Herconomy account name.

  • Can I withdraw from my Float wallet?

    Yes, you can! And it's free.

    Simply click on "Withdraw" and then follow through with the required steps to withdraw funds to your bank account.

  • What is float?

    A Float wallet is a flexible savings wallet where interests earned on all other features on the Herconomy app are paid.

    Float offers an impressive 8% interest p.a., unlimited transactions, daily interest accrual, and zero fees.

    Additionally, you can fund other features on the app from your float wallet and carry out a float-to-float transfer to other Herconomy savers.