Vault is like a fixed deposit account but better. With automatic deposits and up to 10% interest p.a., you can build a savings habit and watch your money grow. And in case of emergencies, we have got you covered – enjoy 4 free withdrawal days per year with absolutely no fees.


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Develop the habit of saving and watch your money grow with Vault. And in case of emergency, we’ve got you covered – enjoy 4 free withdrawal days per year with no fees. Start building your future today with Vault.”

Why Vault?

Automatic Savings

Save effortlessly with our automated savings feature. Set it and forget it - we'll take care of the rest.

High interest

Make as many transactions as you need without worrying about hitting any limits.

4 Free Withdrawals

Enjoy peace of mind knowing fully well that you can access your savings when you need them, without any extra fees or charges.

Accountability Partner

With a community, you can move mountains. This is why we are bringing in a new dimension to savings. Bring on a partner(s) to keep you accountable.

Ready to build a habit of saving for your future?

Join the Herconomy Vault today and start saving for your goals!