Iyawo Hakimi: The money-divorce connection

ou’ve probably heard about it too much — the storied divorce between Morrocan football star, Achraf Hakimi, and his wife, Hiba Abouk. Following an alleged infidelity tale, the couple recently went to court to legally split their union — and finances. There, it was revealed that Hakimi kept most of his fortune in his mother’s name, which meant he had little to contribute. Now, the $24 million-rich player might end up receiving more divorce proceeds from his wife, thanks to the decision to keep his money with a special bank: his mother. Hakimi’s story broke the global internet more than any of the goals he’s ever scored, but it also highlighted an important conversation for women: the connection between money and divorce.


Hilda Baci: a record-setting Idan

“Idan doesn’t break. She breaks records.” This was one of the thousands of supportive messages tweeted to Hilda Baci, the young Nigerian sensation who just broke the Guinness world record for the longest cooking marathon in the world. Idan is a Nigerian term that describes someone with exceptional abilities. And if cooking nonstop for four days is no ordinary feat, then Baci, by all standards, is an Idan.