Decent work and Economic Growth

Lots of people lost their jobs due to the pandemic. With rising inflation, it is projected that many more will lose their jobs. As a result, millions of Nigerian youths will be unemployed after school and a significant number of families will be unable to support themselves.

Our Proposed Solution

To help balance the work and economic growth in Nigeria, we plan to help more people access better job opportunities, encourage more people to become business owners, and create training for skills.

Our Impact Stories

With the resources gathered, we have successfully helped and trained more people with the right skills they need to thrive in the workplace.

LightBox sessions

Our lightbox sessions are short-term training programs, usually lasting between 30 mins-1 hour, to help women get a stronger foothold in their business and finances. Bi-weekly, we invite speakers who are making strides to speak in their area of specialization. 

We provide women with a good support network, giving them a place to learn and develop the skills they need to be more confident.

Enterprise Challenge

The Enterprise Challenge provides support or funding to early-stage or growing female-led businesses through grants and continuous mentorship. Female business owners who meet the criteria are given the chance to pitch their business to a panel of judges to win grants and possibly get investments.

Over the years, we have awarded several women with cash prizes to help establish their businesses. That, and continuous mentorship to inspire them and provide a fresh perspective on how to grow a business.

Jobs and opportunities

On our job board, we share job opportunities so that women can find out what job roles are available in their industry. Because scouring the internet for job offers can be stressful and result in people missing out on good opportunities most of the time, we decided to provide a simpler way to bridge that widening gap.

On our job board, we share amazing opportunities from companies like Amazon, Deloitte, and Google. It’s easy to target jobs based on specific industries or locations and tailor your CV accordingly.

Money Tips and nuggets to raise awareness

Money tips and nuggets are great for raising awareness of the importance of saving money. By sharing these tips and nuggets, we educate women about how money works, how they can save money, and what they should do if they have a problem with their finances.

We discuss topics like inflation, savings, credit, debit, investing, and lots more. Join us on Instagram for money tips and nuggets.

Affinity partnership

Herconomy collaborates with companies with whom we have a strong shared connection to create a partnership that would be beneficial to our audience. 

This type of partnership is structured in such a way that the business gains access to our large audience, and in turn, we secure amazing discounts for our audience.

So far, we have collaborated with over 60 affinity partners like Qatar Airways, Amazon, LG, Radisson, and we hope to collaborate with more brands so our members can enjoy amazing discounts in-store or online.

The Herconomy Savings App

The Herconomy app is a savings app that lets women earn real money as they save.  Women can earn money either through referrals or through accumulated interest.

The first thing to know about the Herconomy app is that it’s not just another savings app. It’s an app that rewards you for saving money with an interest rate that’s higher than what you’ll get from most banks.

The second thing to know about the Herconomy app is that there’s no limit on how much you can save. We encourage women to save big or small—depending on their capacity. Women who have a saving goal are paired with others with similar goals to encourage achieving the 

So far, our savings app has helped over 2,000 women reach their saving goals in time to start their business, go on vacation, save for big purchases, and even put away some emergency funds.

Come join us and start earning while you save.