Gender Equality

Promote gender equality for women and girls to have equal rights and live free from violence.

Our Proposed Solution

Our vision is to build a more equal, inclusive community, free from gender discrimination.  To do that, we plan to give more girls access to education, end child marriage and help women in abusive relationships.

Our Impact Stories

From awareness programs to organizing talks with successful females, here’s how we’re raising awareness and promoting gender equality in our community.

Herconomy Conversations: The Millennial woman & HER money

With the rising recession rate, we invited Adetoke Oluwo, Fashion Director at SGTC Clothing, a creative content creator and social media influencer, to speak about how the millennial woman can make and multiply her money. 

In summary, she speaks about her journey to financial freedom, the influence of social media, and how she budgets and multiplies her investments. Plus, she shares tips on how she started and promoted her business by networking.

Herconomy Conversations: Let’s talk about SEX.

For so long, the topic of sex and the subject of sexuality have been tagged as taboo in our society, especially for women. In our talk with Olawunmi Esan, a certified sex therapist, and psychotherapist, we discuss how women can have a healthy and happy sexual life.

Olawunmi Esan shared tips on how women can enjoy sex more and spice up their marriage life—even if they’re shy. Enjoy the deep conversation with everyday women about their personal experiences with sex and how they’re exploring their feminine sexuality to live a wholesome life.

Women's spotlight posts on Instagram

The Women’s Spotlight posts celebrate the achievements of women making waves in the world to encourage them and help them grow and progress in their careers. We believe that success for one woman is success for all. 

By celebrating successful women, we also cheer on other women to follow their dreams and believe in themselves, irrespective of their gender, race, or environment. In this way, we help women learn to celebrate themselves while taking bold steps towards their goals.