Reduced Inequalities

With every passing year, the inequality gap between developed and underdeveloped countries widens. People in weaker countries experience inequalities based on income, sex, age, gender, and religion. Nigeria is not exempted from this. 

As inequality persists in our society, it threatens our long-term social and economic development, increases poverty, and decreases people’s sense of self-worth

Our Proposed Solution

To reduce inequalities in Nigeria, we plan to pay attention to the needs of disadvantaged communities. Our goal is to invest in the education and learning of women living in vulnerable communities.

Our Impact Stories

To reduce financial and social discrimination in communities, we’re promoting and encouraging women to flourish regardless of their race or economic status.

The Herconomy Savings App

The Herconomy’s savings platform has helped thousands of Nigerian women to save more, live better, and achieve financial goals. We believe that financial inclusion is an important step toward reducing inequalities. 

That is why we’re working to build a savings platform tailored toward women to remove some of those barriers to women accessing basic amenities. Our app helps women improve their financial literacy so they can make better financial decisions.

Partnership with Miss Nigeria

Open House events

Our open house creates a safe space for women to gather, connect, and have fun. We bring together women to connect and relax so that we can grow, inspire and motivate each other, network, and create new relationships. 

Sign up for our open house events and come have fun with us! There are lots of free bonuses to be won.