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Herconomy: Grow money, pay bills, live free.

Some months ago, an afrobeat jam soared through charts as Nigerians sang their hearts out to one of the most relatable songs describing adulthood. The song is “Adulthood na Scam'' by Lade, a catchy sing-along tune that spotlights a sombre reality: adulthood, amongst other things, is an endless flow of bills. 

However, bills are mere receipts of responsibility. They testify that you are alive and making use of necessary resources. “I pay my bills“ will always be a humble brag as far as adulthood is concerned. But the big question we’ll need to ask you now is this: do you pay them on Herconomy? 

The feature is pretty new on our app, so we’ll forgive you if you haven’t been doing that. But you know that’s gotta change, right? Herconomy now allows you to seamlessly pay your airtime and data bills, all with some quick taps on our app.

Why this is important 

Banking in the 21st century is evolving beyond deposits and withdrawals. Modern banking trends are shaping to fit the lifestyle of customers, putting them at the centre, and being their plugs for their day-to-day needs. At Herconomy, we understand this assignment.

We are shapeshifting and remodelling ourselves to be the No 1 bank for women in Africa, and for us, this means plugging into our customers’ every need —-from money keeping and financial management to secure and instant bill payment. With you in mind, we are expanding our offerings and making your bills our concern.

So, whether Adulthood na scam or not, bills must continue. And you can pay yours on the Herconomy app.

We’ve paid our dues. Now, go pay your bills!

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